Alfa Romeo Bringing Luck to 13-Plate Cars

For some people the number 13 represents bad luck. For those people, buying a new car in 2013 with a 13-plate could be seen as a step too far. If they’re in the market for an Alfa Romeo, they might find that their luck changes because the Italian marque are going to counteract the bad luck with a lucky clover leaf.

This month Alfa will draw on their rich heritage by giving away key rings in the lucky four-leaf clover shape that has been a symbol of the brand since 1923 when Alfa driver Ugo Sivocci painted it on his car to bring luck during the Targa Florio.

This will be an exclusive line across the car maker’s whole range, so only the first 200 buyers of ‘13’ registered cars will be eligible to receive the key rings. The key rings alone won’t be enough to temp drivers towards the Italian cars, but the line-up that includes the MiTo and Giulietta is bringing buyers back to the brand.

This year Alfa are also releasing the C4, a carbon fibre sports car that’s capable of challenging the Porsche Cayman for sales. But buyers of the C4 won’t be eligible for the key ring because the £40,000 sports car won’t be sold until later in the year. It makes its public bow at this month’s Geneva Motor Show, where Alfa will also be showing the MiTo SBK, a limited edition that celebrates the brand's sponsorship of the World Superbike Championship and the Veloce variant of the Giulietta, which promises uprated performance as Veloce is Italian for ‘fast’.

There will also be more value from the existing range, so the three-door MiTo Sportiva now comes with £1,500 of accessories for only £250 more. The five-door Giulietta Sportiva now has £3,000 worth of additional equipment for an extra £1,000. Both models come with a five-year warranty. With that sort of warranty Alfa drivers might not need luck.

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