All about Confederate motorcycles

Founded in 1991 by H. Matthew Chambers, a former lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama, Confederate Motorcycles specialises in producing a peculiar design of motorcycles, aimed at the extreme high end market, who can afford such quirky and individualised machines.

Although originally opening a shop in San Francisco in 1992, the company moved to a workshop in New Orleans in 1993, which would be its based through its production of more than 500 Hellcat Confederate brand motorcycles between 1994 and 2001.

In 2001, the company went bust, but managed to recover in 2003, and has since developed a steady flow of business, albeit on a very small scale due to the expense and specialised nature of the products.

Confederate Motorcycles currently advertise three models of motorcycle: the Wraith, the Fighter and the Hellcat, all of which have their own distinct features.


Confederate's iconic design, the new X132 Hellcat is marketed as "the toughest motorcycle ever made", designed to be super long lasting and super solid, with a powertrain casing carved from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium.


Another excellent Confederate Motorcycles design, the B120 Wraith has 160 horsepower with a 135 pound torque at the rear wheel. Its chassis includes an aircraft grade CNC billet bulkhead ensuring solidity, while the carbon fibre wing blades ensure an aerodynamically effective slice through the air.


Claimed to be able to maintain a speed of around 160 miles per hour, the P120 Fighter is the dark horse of the Confederate Motorcycles collection. Its futuristic, almost dystopian design is backed up with some excellent technology, making this machine a really high end choice.

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