All smiles at Skoda

Skoda is on the up and up. This March the company posted its best sales figures ever with 85,000 units shifted. This year sales have risen 21.4 percent to 217,000.

‘We continue to make very good progress in our markets and remain confident to significantly boost our sales over the entire year of 2011 compared to the previous year,’ explained Jurgen Stackmann, the Skoda board member for sales and marketing.

Skoda is recording all time record sales in India, Russia and Belgium. Stackman added: ‘Basically, our growth takes place in all the markets. The greatest dynamics continue to be recorded in the emerging countries of China, India, and Russia. Based on this premise, we expect that the worldwide automobile market will continue to grow this year. Like all manufacturers, Skoda currently pays particular attention to stable logistics and supply chains in order to be able to satisfy the growing demand.’

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