All you need to know about motorbike wheels

A person who makes wheels by trade is known as a wheelwright. This name is given to a person who makes any type of wheel, from motorbike wheels to mobility chair wheels. When it comes to making the wheels of a motorbike, there are more regulations to follow than when building the average wheel. This ensures the vehicle is roadworthy and fit to pass a VOSA MOT, something every vehicle on British roads needs to have before being allowed on the road.

Traditionally, motorbike wheels have between 36 and 40 spokes, which is roughly the same amount as a bicycle although the spokes of a motorbike are made using a much heavier gauge. Where the spokes meet the rim are little dimples, these allow the spokes to be fixed in at an angle. Spokes on motorbike wheels are extremely important because loose or damaged spokes can affect the overall performance of the motorbike itself. If damaged spokes are left unseen too, you could be looking at replacing an entire wheel or worse, a serious accident.

If the spokes on your motorbike wheels looked fatigued or damaged you can buy a spoke wrench kit to attempt to fix them. Visiting a professional wheelwright or mechanic is probably the better solution if you have no mechanic experience.

The standard size for motorbike wheels is 17 inches, with some custom-built wheels coming in slightly bigger. Before buying new wheels for your motorbike,you will need to check the reliability and weight of the wheels you plan to buy. You will also need to consider the weather you are going to be using your bike in and consider buying an all-weather wheel. Motorbike wheels are usually made from magnesium, chrome or aluminium. Some of the biggest names in motorbike manufacturing also produce wheels you can put on to your own motorbike. These include Ducati, Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson.

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