Alloy Alloy, what have we here?

Buying a car is a painstaking process, it should be fun but with so much on offer for the consumer and brainwashing adverts every which way you turn it’s a minefield of potential disappointments. But once you've resigned yourself to picking the new Golf GTI it’s hard to resist giving it a little 'pimp-up-my-ride' treatment.

As most cars already have a decent soundsystem with them these days the next port of call is those wheels and which Alloys to go for. Always a larger expense than they really should be *HOW MUCH?* plus you have to buy four of them (buying one at a time is never a good look) it’s another dilemma. But thanks to the cheeky chumps over at Top Gear they’re doing a mega deal on some swish alloy wheels - £460 for the set including brand new tyres. Nice.

If you want to splash that cash check them out here.

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