Sites offering a great deal on alloy wheels for the Passat

Looking to freshen up your Passat with a sparkling new set of alloy wheels? A decent set of alloys for a Passat doesn't cost as much as you would think, so in this blog we are going to show you the places online you can find alloy wheels for the Passat for a decent price. So let's take a look!

The Passat is one of the UK's best selling car models, meaning there are a huge range of reasonably priced accessories available for it, and these include alloy wheels. The first place you need to check out for these set of alloys is Performance Alloys at www.performancealloys.com. This site offers the full range of Volkswagen approved alloys for your car, and it even has a huge range that aren't officially approved, but do fit Passats. In fact, this site offers 791 different sets of alloys to fit the car.

Another site that offers the full range of wheels for Volkswagen cars at bargain prices is Wheel Base Alloys at www.wheelbasealloys.com. Wheel Base Alloys contains all of the official VW alloys, with 39 sets available to order right now. They do wheels in sizes from 20" all the way down to 14". The site also contains a host of special offers on getting the wheels installed.

Finally, we have another site that offers some unbelievable bargains on alloys, all of which are unofficial, but are perfectly fine to be used in a Passat. That site is www.pistonheads.com, and simply click on alloys to view their full range.


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