alloy tyre packages - great finance options available on some websites!

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Alloy tyre packages are a cheaper way of kitting out your car than buying alloys and wheels individually. If you log on to sites such as topgear.co.uk you can buy tyre and wheel packages from big brand names such as Wolfrace, BK racing, Fox racing and many, many more.

Quality doesn't come cheap and this particular site offers finance on orders over 300 pounds which might make buying the alloys of your dreams a bit more of a possibility! You can also drop into many of their depots and get them professionally fitted.

If you're hoping to bag yourself a bargain then check out the "specials" section where you can buy a set of 17" team dynamics cyclone silver alloy wheels 205/40/17 tyres for only 495 pounds and you even get a team Dynamics t shirt thrown in! Or for only 395 pounds you could be driving away with 15" Hijoin H290 silver alloy wheels with 195/50/15 tyres. These tyres are professionally balanced and are reay to fit your vehicle upon purchase.

Rimstyle.com is another site where you can buy cheap wheel and tyre packages. The prices will depend on the make and model of your car along with the brand that you select but you can expect to pay upwards of 309 pounds for 4 wheels. Most models are in stock and ready for next day delivery within the UK. This site has the only car selector within the UK that allows you to filter by colour, size and alloy wheel width.


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