How to Find Alloy Wheels for Ford cars

Whatever the reason is that you need to purchase new wheels for your Ford, getting some snazzy alloy wheels for Ford cars can really liven up the looks of your ride. Don’t be afraid to look at some super styles because you think they will be too expensive. With some Internet surfing, you may just find yourself a bargain.

Where to Look

The obvious choice of where to locate alloys for Ford cars is close to where you live. Look for shops that sell and mount wheels and tires. You might just find the perfect new wheels for your Ford. You can also go to your local Ford dealer as they may have some wheels in stock, or have a catalogue that you can order from.

In addition, there is always the Internet. Searching the Internet, you are likely to find styles that you won’t see out in brick-and-mortar stores, because they are limited in the amount of stock they can carry. All an Internet seller needs is a big warehouse. With no fancy showroom or sales clerks to pay for, their prices are often lower.

Checking the Internet

When start searching the Internet, if you are looking for genuine Ford in UK alloys, try fordonlineparts.co.uk, or the Ford site, fordparts.com where you will need your VIN number to search. If you would like to try buying used genuine Ford alloys, or even used alloys in general, try breakeryard.com, partsgateway.co.uk, or 1stchoice.co.uk.

To check out shiny new Ford alloys try alloywheelspin.co.uk, hotlinemotorsports.com and wheelbasealloys.com.

The Cost of Alloys

What you will pay for your new wheels is going to differ based on whether you buy new or used, and the size and style you want. A few prices that we found are:

  • 16-inch X1 Silver: £230.00
  • 16-inch Oz Racing Alleggerita HLT Orange 4 with tyres: £996.00
  • 17-inch Dezent RF anthracite, 4 with tyres: £518.00

Getting alloys used can save quite a bit of money when getting new alloy wheels for Ford cars. But, new or used, you’ll end up with some great looking alloys for your Ford.

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