alloy wheels in ireland, buy direct or design your own!

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Alloy wheels in Ireland have never been so easy to find! Gone are the days of trawling endlessly around various motor factories whilst trying to find the model you're looking for and at the best price. Online stores have extensive selections of alloys that you can look at and some even offer bonus perks such as wheel and tyre packages or free delivery.

Performancealloys.com is an online superstore that sells alloys, wheels and even alloy refurbishment. This site has alloys that suit every make and model of car, all you have to do is input your specifics and let the site do the rest.

Alloys start from around seventy euro per wheel but can go up as far as six hundred euro depending on the make and model so there really is one to suit every budget and requirement. Free next day delivery is included with all purchases.

If you're looking for a wheel and tyre package you can avail of one of the special discounted lines by following the instructions on the site. This package includes the alloys, tyres that have been professionally fitted and balanced to the alloy wheels and the various wheel nuts, bolts and spigot rings that are designed for your vehicle.

If you don't see an alloy that meets your specific requirements, you can get them custom made to your personal specifications but they will cost you up to twice the price of the regular wheels plus you will need to pay a 50% deposit before the order is started.

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