Get the cheapest alloy wheels in Leicestershire

Alloy wheels are not only affordable, but they look great on literally any car (assuming you pick a set that suit the aesthetics of your motor). On top of this, you won't fall afoul of your insurance company hiking up your annual premium because of a modification in the same way you would if you had body or engine work done on your car.

Many people have concerns that they won't be able to afford both the alloy wheels themselves and the fitting to go along with them, but there are plenty of places that will offer you really great prices - you just have to know where to look.

While searching for the cheapest alloys in the United Kingdom, we came across quite a few absolutely brilliant places selling the very best alloy wheels in Leicestershire for knock down prices, including the cost of fitting them.

While many people much prefer going to traditional fitters and retailers like Kwik Fit, you'll get much more competitive prices by checking out any of the list of top class retailers below. With so much on offer at each, we thoroughly recommend you call in and have a look at their stock. So, without further delay, we give you our list of the best retailers of alloy wheels in Leicestershire:

Speedy's Performance Centre Leicester, Unit 1, Freehold Street, Leicester, Phone: 0116 253 0000.

Alloy Wheel Repairs, 20 Pate Road, Melton Mowbray, Phone: 01664 483 333.

Jeff Fowkes Wheels, Station Road, Ibstock, 01530 563 111.

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