Fancy selling alloy wheels in Southampton?

If you're passionate about cars and are based on the south coast, then you might be interested in this wonderful opportunity currently available from Top Gear (not the TV show, the auto parts retailer). Since it was founded in Bridport in 1984, Top Gear has grown to become a nationwide company employing more than forty people, featuring an excellent online sales function and some of the best deals around.

They are currently offering a limited number of franchising opportunities to anyone interested in making a living from the car part industry. With franchises on offer for Southampton, Swindon, Brighton, Portsmouth, Cheltenham, Maidstone, Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge, Norwich, Bristol, Northampton, Worcester, Stoke, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesborough, Hull, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin and company are really going all out to push their brand to a whole new audience.

If you fancy yourself and being the ideal man to bring the latest engines, gear boxes, accessories, tyres and alloy wheels to Southampton then you can contact Top Gear through their website, located at www.topgear.co.uk, over the phone at 0800 980 5338 or by getting in touch with their dedicated franchising team at franchising@topgear.com.

It really is the chance of a life time and offers you the chance to play a key role in improving the quality of car related accessories and services available in your area. On top of this, you'll also get great support from the established Top Gear team, who'll do everything in their power to ensure that your store is a success.

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