Alloys classic cars, a lifetime investment and a fun hobby.

Alloys classic cars and a cheap insurance deal means the best deal around in today's climate.

Classic cars,because of their vintage and status as a collectors item, have their own insurance category and this can work out very reasonable. However it is worth reading the small print on the policy as some companies have limitations such as a mileage quota that needs to be satisfied for the insurance to be valid.

Classic cars can come with a wide range of very stylish interiors. It wouldn't be unusual for them to have a hard wearing and durable leather interior, large steering wheel and walnut dash. What the cars from bygone eras may have lacked are alloys.

Alloys are the perfect accessory for any vehicle at all, they enhance the appearance and can increase the value of it. They range in price depending on the design and make, they don't always come with tyres and can be found online, in car magazines or in any motor factors. Low profile alloys can be hard to maintain on bumpy country roads and may lead to you having to purchase quite a few tyres during the time you  own the vehicle.

Classic cars hold their value for the most part so investing in a good set of wheels will pay dividends.

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