alloys ireland online - the sky is the limit!

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Alloys ireland online are not hard to find. Many sites now offer big names such as Wolfrace and BK racing alloys at very competitive prices.  If you log on to alloy-wheels.ie you can browse through their online catalogue which features both replica and branded wheels. They also sell performance tyres.

If you're looking for the best deals then check out the "specials" section. This displays sets of 17, 18 and 19" alloys all discounted.

Performancealloys.com is an online store that's based in Northern Ireland. You can search for the alloys that you require by inputting the make and model of your car or simply by searching by size, colour or style. Another bonus of buying from this site is that delivery is free and generally you'll receive your alloys by the next working day.

When you input the model of your car, an extensive selection will appear. For example, when you search for Honda wheels, a listing of various makes will come up, if you continue and click into "prelude" no less than 635 types of alloy are on offer and these start at only 71.40 euro per wheel for the bolt gold ZCW model. When it comes to alloys though the sky is the limit and as you continue through the listings the prices are increasing culminating in the BBS LM which weighs in a hefty 682.58 euro per wheel! Rather than going through the entire listing you can simply select the brand that you're looking for by using the drop down menu that's on top of the page.

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