We check out some of the best places to buy alloys in Northern Ireland

If you're finding that you're getting quoted unreasonable prices for alloys no matter where you look in Northern Ireland, you've definitely fallen afoul of some of the hugely over inflated prices to be found from some of the bigger retailers. There are plenty of alternatives where you can buy some really great products for a fraction of the cost of the high street prices.

With such a dedicated car scene within Northern Ireland, it's perhaps unsurprising that there are so many dedicated auto parts stores specialising in alloys and other car modification parts. In our opinion, alloys are by far the best way to pimp out your motor without running the risk of drawing unwanted attention to it, or being labelled a boy racer by everyone who sees your car. Also, with alloys you're unlikely to face the same unwarranted increase in your insurance premium that you would with other forms of modification.

Performance Alloys, whose website is located at www.performancealloys.com, is not just the best resource for buying alloys in Northern Ireland, but in our opinion it is the best anywhere on the internet. Based in Antrim and running since 1998, Performance Alloys have one of the most impressive ranges of alloys we have ever seen. They've got absolutely everything you could possibly want, including tyres, wheel nuts, bolts, centre caps and spigot rings - all for some of the most competitive prices we've ever seen. They've also got the added bonus of offering free delivery to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

If you can't find what you're looking for at Performance Alloys, you can check out some of the other excellent retailers located throughout Northern Ireland in our handy list below:

Nu Luk Wheels, 40-42 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Tel: 028 9336 5000

Cookstown Tyre Depot, 62a Burn Road, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Tel: 028 8676 6448

JRS Commercials and Cars, 2a Sloan Street, Dungannon, Co. TyroneTel: 028 8772 3900

Motorsport Wheels, Unit E2 Knockmore Industrial Estate, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Tel: 028 9262 7011

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