All-Terrain, Amphibious Vehicles by Fast Track

Not so long ago, amphibian craft usually could go fast either on water (Aerosan, Sealegs) or on land (Splash, Commander, Amphicar, Platypus, Aquada ) but not both ways.

Fast Track Amphibian has developed a line of two-person amphibious vehicles that use elongated rubber, snow mobile tracks powered by a 148 hp snowmobile engine, as the sole means of propulsion. FastTrack equipped amphibious cars can cruise on water as well as any boat, and can drive over diverse terrain—from ice to snow to swamps, deep mud, desert and mountainous humps---all at very high speeds. The first demo showed that a FastTrack amphicar can go at 39mph on water and 55mph on land, at a comfortable ride due to air shock absorbers and a massive suspension system that can be retracted or extended to adjust to the terrain.

The Fast Track company is located in Hurst, Texas—founded by Ken and Rod Wernicke, retired engineers from Bell Helicopter. The Wernickes conducted research for ten years before fabricating the first Fast Track vehicle. Testing for close to three years has proven the concept

The use of tracks over wheels, waterjet, or propeller as the sole means of propulsion gives the vehicle its all-terrain capability.

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