Alonso ‘in charge’ at Ferrari

Fernando Alono maybe yesterday’s man in terms of his F1 career, but at least at Ferrari he’s totally in control of what goes on.

Or at least that is the claim of Lewis Hamilton, whose every utterance is being picked up on by the media these days.

Asked by El Pais newspaper who he thinks is the best in F1 Hamilton answered: ‘We all believe we are the best and that's what you have to do, unless you like to finish second.

‘[The best] are Alonso, Vettel and Rosberg, who I've known since I was 13. He [Rosberg] is about to burst through and he will at any time.

‘Sebastian is in a great period with Red Bull and has a lot of confidence.

‘Fernando is very talented and is fully supported by his team,’ Hamilton continued. ‘The whole team supports and follows him. It is he who leads Ferrari.

‘I'm not saying it's good or bad, it's just the route they have chosen,’ he then added, using some of that diplomacy that he’s famed for.

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