An oil time high

Rip-off Britain is what we're now being dubbed. Yes, there’s been a recession, yes jobs have been (and still are) at risk, but when it comes to the common consumer there's been a visible increase in everyday goods. Case in point: petrol.

Whereas back in the days it would cost you pennies to fill up the old tank, regular price hikes have hit headliners recently with the average price of a litre of unleaded being 116.6p. But according to sources, the Treasure and more specifically Alistair Darling, petrol is going to increase by a further 3p per litre on April 1st – not so much a joke, more of a crude joke!

And all this when the UK are now paying half the amount for a barrel of oil in 2008 – maybe these eco-friendly electric powered cars are the future.

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