Analysing OEM motorcycle parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer, better known as OEM motorcycle parts or factory-fitted parts are replacements that are made by the company that manufactured the original part. They also refer to parts made by other firms then purchased by the original company and sold under its own label.

OEM or After-Market Parts?

Non-OEM parts are generally referred to as after-market parts. Many motorcycle owners prefer to go for these parts as they are easily available and, more often than not, are more cheaply priced than OEM parts. However, many purchasers of after-market accessories have later complained of their durability and adverse effects on the overall performance of the motorcycle. Cheap sometimes really does turn out to be expensive when it comes to important motorcycle parts. A good number of people who have kept bikes over many years rely on original parts- and regular service.

Availability of OEM Parts

Almost all the major motorcycle manufacturers – Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, etc., have dealerships in the UK. A peek into the telephone directory should give anyone interested the contacts for the nearest outlets. The online shops below stock both OEM and after-market parts. Several of them offer free delivery under certain conditions (such as the value of purchases):

  • BikeBandit.com
  • Motorcyclenews.co.uk
  • BikePartsUK.com


A number of OEM motorcycle part retailers sell OEM specification parts. These are parts made with the same specifications as original parts, but not by the same company. Cost-conscious bikers with an eye for quality may strike a compromise by purchasing these parts instead of the more costly OEM parts or the sometimes-questionable after-market alternative. The price difference is not significant at times. For instance, OEM brake pads for a Ducati 1000 go for about £14, while their after-market equivalent is £11. When looking at comparable prices like these, buying OEM motorcycle parts won’t break the bank.

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