And the most expensive place to park in the US is ...

Comparing how much it costs in different locations in the US and outside the country, a new survey by Colliers International for 2011 found that the Big Apple is the place that will screw you over the most.

Rates across the city vary from district to district, with the highest rated area turning out to be midtown Manhattan, that averages $541/month.

That was closely followed by Downtown with $533, and third was Boston with an average of $438/month.

The average price of a parking space is $155.22 monthly, with the rest of the US top ten made up of San Francisco ($375), Philadelphia ($304), Seattle (294/month) followed close by Chicago ($289), Washington ($260/month), Honolulu ($217) and lastly Los Angeles, with a quite reasonable $210/month.

Reasinable that is, when you look outside the Land of the Free. The most expensive place to park in the world is London, with an average of $1,084/month . Parking in Zurich will set you back a princely $822/month, while in Rome you're looking at $719/month for a place to house your ride.

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