And the most satisfying car in the UK is the...

Hot off the news that the Volkswagen Polo picked up the top got for best car in the whole bleeding world at the annual World Car of The Year awards last week and a new poll has discovered what the most satisfying car in the UK is.

The poll run by The Daily Telegraph, asked almost 25,000 UK car owners what the most satisfying car was and compact hatchback the Hyundai i30 came top of the pops. Also fairing well in the survey was the Skoda Octavia and last year’s winner the Jaguar XF.

David Johns the editor at Auto Express says: ‘This is a huge breakthrough for Hyundai. Over the years, owners have told us how reliable their cars are and how good value they are, too. But this is the final proof that they can now match that with real all-round satisfaction.’

The survey was based on reliability and satisfaction.

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