Antiques noshow

Angry antiques aficionados outraged by the overrunning of last Sunday's rain delayed F1 Grand Prix, clocked up more than 700 complaints to the Corporation.

Due to air at 8.15pm, the Canadian Grand Prix was still going at 10pm, and coverage was only switched to BBC 2 at 9pm. Forced to watch the F1 pundits 'standing in the rain for hours on end,' according to one complaint, bitterly disappointed antiques fanswere left in the cold as the long running TV show went from Roadshow to noshow, leaving us only to imagine what Fiona Bruce and her trusted team of trinket valuers would have uncovered if it weren't for arguably one of the greatest races in the last twenty years running over time.

'I'm disgusted family shows should be treated with such disregard,' one viewer is reported as saying. But the BBC defended its decision: 'It was not possible to predict exactly when the race would resume,' it said.

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