Are BMW drivers the worst drivers?

We would all love to believe that BMW drivers and anyone with a sporty saloon car is a rubbish driver but that can’t be true, can it? In a world where perception is everything though, perhaps BMW drivers are the worst on the road according to other motorists.



In America they’ve actually ask this question semi-seriously. In 2013, the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California surveyed driver and concluded that BMW drivers are the worst when it came to following the rules of the road. They only asked 500 motorists and of course, they only asked American motorists but there were similar results from a poll carried out in the UK.


A poll that was answered by 2,837 drivers in the UK also concluded that BMW drivers are bad. For whatever reason, the people surveyed concluded that 35 to 40 year old BMW drivers who drive blue beamers are the worst of the worst. These guys are apparently more prone to fits of rage behind the wheel. We’re not sure there’s any science or any stats to back that up so don’t feel bad if you drive a blue BMW.


Outside of surveys and polls, the God that is Google also suggests BMW are the worst in the world. When you’ve finished reading this, type “BMW drivers are the worst” into Google. You’ll get something like 900,000 results full of countless jokes and anecdotes about fun times non-BMW drivers have had with those who drive cars from the German marque.

The Ultimate Driving machine

The good and the great own BMWs. Not all BMW drivers can be awful behind the wheel, surely? Jessica Alba has a BMW. Does driving a BMW automatically make her a bad driver? Gerard Butler is another celeb you’ll find behind the wheel of a beamer. Does that news make you shy away from his latest movie?

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