Are Chinese cars really safe?

Safety is often something that new car buyers overlook when they spec a car at the dealership. Most of us are more interested in the type of wheels, the car’s colour and which optional extras we would like to have than the amount of airbags and the safety features offered by the car. If you’re checking out a cheap car from the Far East, can you be sure that it’s as safe as similar cars from European car makers?

Chinese car industry

The Chinese car industry is one that you can’t ignore because of the volumes it produces. Take 2013 as an example when 18.7 million cars were made in China. That worked out to 22.7% of the world’s car production that year. Some of the models are from brands European buyers will be aware of such as Roewe who are a sister company to the China owned MG brand. Others are from brands that haven’t sold cars in European, while the third group of car makers are those who produce copycat cars that will never see the light of day in Europe because they infringe on the patents and copyrights of prominent car makers in Europe or America. Check out the BYD Coupe for example. If you don’t think that model looks like a Mercedes CLK, you might need glasses.

Chery Amulet

Thanks to partnerships with European manufacturers, Chinese car makers are beginning to show improvements in the safety standards of their cars, but the Chery Amulet (seen in our lead image) is an example of the sort of dangerous creation China’s become known for. The thing crumpled so badly in crash tests that the dummies had to be disassembled to get them out of the wreckage.


Qoros are a firm who are bucking the trend. The Qoros 3 saloon was actually named Euro NCAP's safest car of 2013. This five-star rated car was the safest car out of the 33 tested that year. It did particularly well in all four areas of passenger safety which was a really impressive feat for a firm who have only been in operation since 2007.

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