Are radar detectors worth it?

There was a time when a radar detector really could make the difference to your journey but are radar detectors worth it anymore?

What are radar detectors?

Radar detectors signal to the driver whenever there’s any form of radar technology in the area. The basic advantage here is that you can get advanced warning when the police are around using radar technology to judge driver’s speeds. All these devices do is detect the frequencies emitted from the radar guns. This can save you points on your licence and the cost of a fine so they’re worth looking into.

False radar myths

If you believe everything you read, you’ll be worried about whether radar detectors are legal or not. The truth is that major retailers like Amazon wouldn’t be able to sell them to UK buyers if they were not legal for British roads. One of the other myths is that radar detectors jam radar signals. That’s just not true. Radar jammers do exist but they’re not a product that we’d recommend you purchasing. What we’re talking about here is an early warning system rather than a system that allows you to evade the laws of the road.

What to look for in a radar detector

This is a device that can cost as little as £15 or run into hundreds of pounds so there’s quite a difference between the lower and the higher ends of the market. The price isn’t as important as the range the device gives you so check that out before purchasing. Signal strength is also vital. A good device should be able to separate actual readings of police radars and false alarms generated by interference.


So is this device worthwhile? Well some would say that if you maintain the speed limit, you don’t need this sort of thing but real life driving throws up so many issues that straying above the speed limit from time to time happens to most of us.

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