Are recycled tyres worth money?

In the UK alone, more than 55 million tyres are used per year. That’s a lot of rubber that’s no longer needed for the road so what happens to it? Well, if they’re not disposed of properly, they can affect communities through littering but there’s also an environmental consideration if they’re not disposed of properly which is why the government has created strict guidelines. Tyres that are burnt pollute the local area and the cost of tidying up afterwards is high for firefighters.


Making use of tyres

There are currently several uses for worn out tyres. The first way they’re recycled is for them to be remoulded. This process adds rubber to the tyre so it can be resold to motorists as a “re-tread”. Used tyres are also used to fuel cement kilns, and bales of tyres are used in flood defences.

How to make money from recycling tyres

Making money from old tyres in the UK is difficult unless you’re running a tyres business. For the average punter, there’s really no way of making serious money from them although you might be able to sell them to a tyre retailer who sells part worn rubber to the public. As there are strict rules on the recycling of tyres so we recommend that you allow your tyre dealer to dispose of them on your behalf when you take your car in for new ones. But if you’re adamant that you want to make money from your old tyres, you can sell them through eBay.

Buying worn tyres

We don’t recommend that you buy part-worn tyres at all as there’s often unseen damage created when they’re run under inflated or whenever the car runs over potholes or is taken up kerbs. You don’t save enough cash to make them worthwhile. We recommend that you purchase a new set of budget tyres from a site like tyre-shopper.co.uk rather than risk worn ones.

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