Are you down with Skoda?

There’s no stopping Skoda these days. And the car manufacturer will be busy at the Geneva motor show as the firm plans to reveal its new design direction to the masses.

A Skoda statement says that it ‘boasts clearly defined shapes and a great sense of detail that will adorn Skoda’s new models from 2012’.

Sounds exciting. And though the firm has given us no other clues about the new design concept, it has confirmed that it will feature the new Skoda badge logo that will be on all their models from 2012 onwards.

‘The traditional winged-arrow logo features a new spectrum of colours to look even more distinct and precise than ever before,’ the statement reads.

Skoda’s earned the right to adopt a confident air - the company sold 762,600 vehicles last year, an increase of 11.5 percent on 2009.

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