Arnold Schwarzenegger drives his own M47 Patton tank!

It is not a novelty to see Hollywood stars driving in custom made, luxury cars that comes with an eye-watering price tag. But this is perhaps the most bizarre vehicle ever spotted in Tinsel-town: a tank! And guess who the owner is? Well, obviously action-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former California Governor is promoting his last movie 'The last stand', so what better way than being interviewed while driving an M47 Patton tank and smoking a cigar? But Schwarzy doesn't just drive the armoured vehicle, he is also its owner. And before you make your mind up, we must say there is a personal meaning to this weird choice of transportation.

Arny revealed that is “exactly the very tank that I drove in the Austrian Army when I was 18 years old.” As many Europeans, he had to serve at least one year in the army, after finishing school and he decided to learn to drive a tank. Since childhood, he was fascinated with those kind of vehicles, which reminded him of the time after the War, when British troops occupied the area where he lived.

Schwarzenegger also recalled the time when off on manoeuvres for several weeks, he had to sleep in trenches and while away from base he used to train for his Mr. Universe competition every night, keeping all the exercising equipment in a special compartment of the tank. If that is not determination!

The tank was bought in 1992 with the intention of displaying it at Schwarzy's Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Instead it got placed at the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio in Los Angeles, where numerous war vehicles are kept to be used in movies. The M47 Patton tank was recently revised, a new engine was put in and the treads replaced, in order to make it function for many years ahead.

Arnold Schwarzenegger drove the tank at maximum speed around the ranch and also amused the onlookers, by crashing an old car. It's not all just for fun and publicity though, the former Mr. Universe uses the tank for charity purposes, teaching to students to stay in school and focus on their own future, while having the ride of their life!

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