Save at Kwik Fit with Arrowspeed tyres

While many people are wary about putting so called budget tyres on their cars, the difference in performance quality between the more expensive, established brands and lower priced alternatives is shrinking all the time. Despite the fact that many car magazines and websites strongly advise against buying anything other than established brands like Continental, Bridgestone or Goodyear on your cars, there is a lot to be said for opting for Arrowspeed tyres, the cut price tyres now available from Kwik Fit stores across the United Kingdom.

Arrowspeed tyres, made in Korea, are gradually earning something of a reputation as being among the best in their price range, even performing far above expectations and yielding comparable results to more expensive, established brands costing twice as much.

These steel radial ply constructed tyres are as durable as they are affordable, and they offer surprisingly good handling in most conditions. By buying them direct from Kwik Fit's website at kwik-fit.com you'll be able to avail of the special online only offer of just £29 per tyre, which includes full fitting, a brand new valve, environmental disposal fees and full balancing of your wheels. If you would rather not pay online, you'll still be able to make substantial savings when compared to the cost of other tyres by paying just £32 per tyre. Compared to the Bridgestone B330 EVO that's a saving of up to £148 on four tyres bought at the same time!

A recent What Car? article put the Arrowspeed tyres through their paces and found them to be just 3.9 meters slower than Continental's latest offering braking in wet conditions at 70mph, although they came bottom of the dry condition brake test, 70cm behind Goodyear's latest tyre.

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