Aston Martin + 20 years + rust = £200,000

Here’s a tale to mimic an episode of Only Fools And Horses; auctioneers have unearthed an Aston Martin that has been left to fester in a barn for 20 years and despite it being a near right-off they’re selling it for a whopping £200,000.

The DB5 is like the one made legendary by the Sean Connery era James Bond and originally sold for only £3,000 back in the 1960’s but now auctioneers Bonhams have got their mits on it’s thought it be a collectors item. Philip Kantor from Bonhams said: 'People interested in buying it are generally very wealthy collectors who want it to be in a barn find collection. This is because they see it as a restoration project and can restore it to their own choice.

If you fancy making a bid you should be warned; you’ll need another £200,000 to restore it and make it road worthy.

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