Aston Martin Vantage V12 S Revealed

Although this new model isn’t the fastest road-going Aston Martin ever made, that honour’s gone to the One-77, this is the fastest Aston in the current range and it’s a lot cheaper than the £1.1million the British firm asked for the limited edition One-77.

The new machine comes with a modified 6.0 litre V-12 that now produces 565 hp and 457lb-ft of torque. A new seven-speed automatic transmission replaces the Vantage’s six speed manual. It uses the twin plate clutch from the One-77 but that’s one of very few components harvested from the limited run car. The three stage damping system, which adjusts the car’s suspension and the power steering, has been developed for this model, and owners will have three settings to choose from: Sport, Track and Normal.

The looks are as you would expect from a modern Aston so there are not many changes to the car’s appearance. But a new front grille has been installed and the alloys are also new for this model. The boot panels and the roof are painted black, perhaps to suggest carbon fibre, and the interior’s been given a make-over. As there are only two seats this is a car built for performance driving rather than comfort but Aston has added new seats to the cabin and owners have the opportunity to install a carbon-fibre pack.

The new machine’s top-speed exceeds 200mph, which is enough to keep up with owners of the One-77. Switching the Sport button opens up the car’s true power as it changes the throttle’s responsiveness and alters the gearshift timing. It also adds a sportier exhaust sound.

There are no exact prices for the new model and a launch date has yet to be set, but you should expect to pay at least £138,000 for the new car when it’s released later in the year.

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