auction cars - don't just be a spectator!

Auction cars are becoming more popular as the repossession of vehicles is becoming more prevalent.

Merlin Car Auctions, which is based in Dublin, has three auctions a week and over 1000 vehicles a week for sale at their two purpose built auction rooms. If you visit their website, Merlin Live Online, you can search through the cars currently on offer and see if there's anything of interest to you. The online feature also has "Deals of the week" and a "features" sections.

Wilsons Auctions, again based in Dublin, hold their auctions on a Tuesday evening each week at 7pm. They deal primarily in cars from the banks, finance houses, fleet and contract hire vendors, garages and private sales. The Wilsons site have links to the auctions in their UK departments and have an online catalogue of all available vehicles. Maps to all auction sites can be found at wilsonsauctions.com.

If you're looking for a vehicle from overseas, Auctionexport.com offers an international service. You have to be registered to use and bid on this site, but registration is free. These auctions are global and there are many bidders involved. The shipping costs will vary depending on the location of the car, but you can call the helpline or send an email to find out exactly how much it will cost you. Remember that there is also vehicle registration tax to consider if you are importing a car. This can drive the price up considerably.

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