Audi A7 Sportback—the Luxury Hatchback

At the Detroit Motor Show, Audi unveiled a concept car designated as the A7 Sportback.

As a premium, four-door coupe, the A7 Sportback is more than a match to competing cars such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS range and the Jaguar XF series.

Not a small car, the A7 Sportback is almost an inch longer than the current A6 Avant hatchback, but is narrower and lower than the A6. The front has a compact, single frame vertical grille and the exterior is marked by LED lights front and rear, and the car sits on 21-inch wheels. Inside the Sportback, sumptuous leather covers almost everything, and there is a huge glass roof panel, oak wood trim and ornamental aluminum.

The engine is the latest Audi precision engineered powertrain; a turbocharged direct-injection diesel, 3.0-litre V-6 that is also offered in the Q7 SUV. The engine provides 225hp and 406 lb-ft of torque and is managed by a 8-speed tiptronic automatic. The new layout of the engine , similar to the A4 and A5 series, reduces front overhang. Audi says the engine can rocket the 3968-pound Sportback from 0 to 62mph in less than 7 seconds; boasting a fuel efficiency of 37 mpg. The A7 also features multilink suspension, active dampers, and ceramic disc brakes.

The Concept Sportback gives a good idea of what next year’s A7 will be like. Audi fans can expect a full range of drivetrains, including Quattro, of course, when the car goes into commercial production.

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