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  • Social media revolution

    Social media revolution

    Goodness. If you were in any doubt as to the power of social media then you won't be after you've seen this factoid-packed clip. In a nutshell, social networking has brought about a seismic shift in just about anything and everything. And no, it's not just a fad

  • Guitar hero + Rubik's Cube

    Guitar hero + Rubik's Cube

    Just think how many hours of sitting in a darkened room it took this kid to be able to play Guitar Hero at top speed and solve a Rubiks Cube. Who said men can't multi task.....

  • Human mattress dominoes

    Human mattress dominoes

    One of those times you wish you had access to lots of mattresses and lots of willing human dominoes. Oh and lots of time on your hands to think something like this up

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