Auto Trader car sale - magazine or online?

Auto trader cars for sale can be found either in the publication, available in most newsagents, or online through the Autotrader website. Autotrader does not deal solely in cars but also has sections for commericals, bikes and even plant vehicles.

There is an extensive range of cars available on the site. There are brand new and pre-owned vehicles to select from and a wide range of dealers.

To find the car that you're looking for, you simply type in the make, model, year and price range then let the system do the rest. The results are comprehensive and include photographs, specifications, engine size and whether the sale is private or through a garage. If you find something that you're interested in, you can add it to a "compare list" and carry on looking through the site.

On the home page there is an option to access a detailed used car search. Today this search produced 63365 used cars to choose from. The number fluctuates but the selection is vast. The site itself is very user friendly and provides links for finance options and car insurance quotations.

The Autotrader magazine comes out on Thursdays. As Autotrader is a national publication, there are cars from right across the UK and Ireland.

If buying a car from a private seller on Autotrader, it is always advisable to bring a mechanic with you to check it out before you commit to buying.

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