Finding Automotive Parts

When your vehicle has broken down and needs automotive parts, there are many options you can pursue in finding replacement parts. You can pay a visit to your local mechanic and see what he has in his garage or better still, you can go to your nearest scrap yard and look for the parts yourself. For common parts which can be shared among different car models, this can work. However, when it comes to rare, model-specific components, the search may be more difficult.

The Next Option

Another option should the scrap yard and garage search prove unsuccessful, is purchasing a brand new replacement from the dealer of your specific make of car. For many motorists, this evokes images of months of waiting as the part in question is shipped from the home country. Apart from that, the cost of the part will be daunting as the shipping and customs duty charges are passed to the customer. Due to the above two factors, many car owners are now turning to the Internet for help in finding car parts.

Searching For Parts Online

This is easily the most effective way of finding second hand car parts. Here, you not only stand a better chance of getting the right part, you can also test the part for compatibility on some of the sites. Once you have found the spare part you need and ordered it, delivery should take a day within the UK. Below are sites you can try:

  • Breakerparts.com
  • 247spares.co.uk
  • 1stchoice.co.uk
  • Autobreakers.co.uk


Parts from breakers have been used, but they have many more years of service to provide. They will cost much less than parts from the manufacturer, dealer, or auto parts stores. Vehicle parts do not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can get automotive parts for a reasonable fee and at your own convenience.

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