Autosport gives award for Singapore Grand Prix—the First Nighttime F1 Race.

The Autosport Awards heralded the Singapore Grand Prix, the first night-time staging of Formula One, and also the 800th race. Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire who owns the sport’s commercial rights, described the Singapore race as a jewel in the Formula One crown, adding that floodlit events were going to be the future for the sport.

The 5.067 kilometre track, racing around downtown Singapore, was set up with 1600 lantern-like projectors that required more than 100,000 metres of cabling and 240 steel pylons to light up the track. The organizers set up state-of-the-art facilities to support the F1 event, and come race time more than 300,000 people poured through the gates over three days, an absolute sell-out! The entire event had a festival atmosphere enjoyed by all—organisers even set up “hawker stalls” offering visitors authentic Singaporean food. There were magicians, jugglers and singers providing entertainment throughout the event.

The night-time F1 race provided some of the most unforgettable images of any sporting event. Pictures of modern racing cars and molten red Ferraris tearing down the track lined with hi-tech skyscrapers made for priceless media coverage that would attract more fans for motor sport. The clockwork organisation and staging of the grand prix won Singapore, the Pioneering and Innovation Award at the Autosports Awards.

The deputy chairman of Singapore Grand Prix, Colin Syn collected the award from McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen on behalf of the race. McLaren boss Ron Dennis raves, "It is a real big step in the history of grand prix racing because it has been done so well.

"Everything has been proven now and we can take this model and apply it to anywhere in the world - either to bring to Europe the race at a time when people watch it, or even within Europe to make it more spectacular."

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