Make huge savings with Autotrader on mopeds today

For thirty five years now Autotrader has been the go to publication for anyone and everyone planning on buying a second hand car throughout the United Kingdom. The success of the magazine has seen it grow into a multi national company, with local variations of the publication now tailored for the Irish, South African and Italian markets.

At the heart of the magazine's success has been the fact that the public go potty for a good bargain, and wedged between each and every issue of Autotrader you'll find thousands of unbeatable prices from regular punters like you and I.

In recent times the magazine has opened itself up much more to dealers, but has managed to retain about eighty per cent of the magazine for private traders. Regardless of the type of vehicle you're in the market for, there's an Autotrader based solution for you.

There are huge savings to be made with Autotrader on mopeds when compared to the price you'll pay for a second hand bike from a dealership, so we decided to find out just how much you could stand to save.

At the Autotrader website, located at autotrader.co.uk, you can find hundreds of previously owned mopeds at knock down prices (no pun intended). Deals start for as little as £200, but on average you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £400 to £700 for a reasonably new bike with relatively few miles on the clock. Even if you're looking to go all out, you can expect to pay no more than £2,900 for a moped, which we're sure you'll agree is pretty great going considering the prices you'll pay elsewhere.

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