How to use Autotrader to find new cars

Autotrader is famous for being one of the best places in the UK to find a used car. Their magazines and website list thousands of used cars to any one time. But did you know that Autotrader is also good when looking for new cars? The Autotrader website finds and compares the prices of new cars for you, taking out a lot of the leg work. To find Autotrader new cars, visit autotrader.co.uk.

This is a good website with a clear layout. Just enter your postcode and the price range you want the car to be, or the make and model you are looking for if you know what car you want. A list of available cars will appear along with plenty of useful information about these cars.

When you find the car you are interested in, click on "Find Dealer" and a list will appear in order of distance from your postcode.

The Autotrader website is particularly good if you are unsure about what car you want to buy because of all the information they have on each car. For every vehicle they will tell you: the body type, transmission, fuel type, average mpg, road tax group, CO2 emissions, insurance group, engine size, top speed, acceleration, engine power, boot capacity and much more. They also have information on each car for entertainment, exterior features, interior features, safety and security.

Autotrader will give you all the information you need to compare cars, find local dealers and hopefully find the best new car for you.


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