Our guide to selling your bike on Autotrader Scooters

Have you got a bike that you're looking to sell? If you're looking to get the absolute best price possible for it, then we suggest checking out Autotrader Scooters as it's one of the largest online marketplaces for people looking to sell a bike. In this blog we'll run you through a few tips for maximising the amount you get for your set of wheels.

Auto Trader, who you can find online at autotrader.co.uk, have over 250,000 visitors every single day, so there really isn't a better place on the internet to sell your bike. Getting your bike ready to be sold couldn't be easier, but making it as attractive a proposition to buyers is a little trickier.

First, we suggest snapping the photos of your bike on a sunny day, in an uncluttered environment. The advert is your shop window, so making the bike look as attractive as possible is of utmost importance to getting a good deal.

It's important that you don't try and stretch the truth in your ad as it is only wasting your time and the time of the person who is looking to buy. Mileage, condition and service history all can affect the price, so be completely truthful with prospective purchasers to ensure they aren't left cursing you!

We also suggest letting the person take the bike for a test drive. You can keep yourself protected as they do this by holding on to their documents and the keys to their vehicle until their return. Advise them of a good test route, and show them how much petrol is in the tank to help avoid any misunderstandings!

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