Badge abuser

A dentist used a disabled parking permit to park his £140,000 Ferrari in order to avoid paying a £15-a-day charge.

Dr Chirag Patel, 33, admitted to using the badge, which had belonged to his father's business partner, on six occasions in 2009, and has been ordered by a court to pay £2000.

Prosecuting, Paul Jarvis told South Western magistrates’ court in Battersea: 'This case concerns Dr Patel’s misuse of a disabled blue badge, that badge having been issued to the father of his business partner.

'The father passed away in 2008 and these offences are concerned with conduct occurring sometime thereafter.'

Mr Jarvis said: 'Another lawful way would have been to buy a parking ticket or to park in the multi-storey around the corner, which would have cost around £15 a day, but for his own reasons Mr Patel chose not to use these methods.'

In his defence, Edward Henry said that the dentist had expressed 'remorse, shame and embarrassment' over the matter.

'He has been branded a skinflint, a miser and a cheat,' said Mr Henry. 'He has been mocked as a cheapskate worthy to be despised.

'This was an offence that was committed by a man who was not hungry for money, but hungry for time.

'He has sacrificed 700 days of peace of mind because he tried to avoid a trifling inconvenience.'

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