Types of Baby Seats for Cars

Since 2006, child restraining systems have been made a requirement in Europe for car owners who have children. This is a directive from the European Parliament. According to the Department of Transport, children under 4 feet 5 inches tall and under age 12 must use a booster seat. There are a variety of baby seats cars available for children. This is a safety precaution for children when riding in vehicles.

Infant Seats

The infant seat is used for small babies. In this category, the infant seat is typically used for babies that weigh a minimum of 20 pounds or are up to 2 years old. The infant seat secures the child with a harness. When placing the infant seat in the car, it is faced backwards. Facing the seat to the rear of the vehicle provides the most protection necessary for the child. The negative aspect of the infant seat is that the baby will eventually grow out of the seat. Parents will still be required to use a baby seat when driving their child in the car.

Convertible Seat

The convertible seats are for children who weigh between 5 and 25 pounds. This is another seat that can be used either in the forward or rear-facing position. The convertible seat has a harness below the shoulder area. It also features space for enough leg room for the child. These seats last a few years until the child becomes of age and can reach the floor with their feet.

Booster Seat

Booster seats are a step up from the convertible seats. Children that are four years of age or weigh less than 50 pounds are recommended to use the booster seat. The seat features a harness with 5 separate points. The seat allows for a seat belt fitting across the chest and collarbone of a child. The lap part of the seat fits the hips and the top portion of the seat is cushioned to provide safety to the child's head.


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