Back in the MG groove

For years we’ve only had the aging TF roadster on the British market, but now MG are making a comeback – watch out for the Euro-spec MG 6, a five-seat fastback model.

Although three trim levels will be available, all models will come with power windows / locks, keyless ignition and air conditioning as standard. Other options include leather seats, GPS navigation, cruise control and a rear view camera (to take photos of where you’ve just been supposedly).

’This is a milestone day for the iconic MG brand and for the UK automotive industry,’ said Guy Jones Sales and Marketing Director for MG Motor UK. ’MG has begun the international launch of an all new model that has been designed and engineered here in the UK, for the global automotive market. Currently we only build and sell the mid-engined MG TF sports car here in the UK, but we can now look forward to expanding the range of MG products.’

Also to be relaunched is the new MG Motor UK website, recently created in collaboration with the DCH marketing agency.

Perhaps this may mark a turn in the fortunes of the UK motor industry?

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