Bag a bargain

The Goodward Festival of Speed was the place to be last weekend for classic cars. Among the classic cars, a 1984 Aston Martin Lagonda was sold for £20k-£25k, a 1971 Jenson Interceptor MkII for £18-£22k, a 1958 Facel Vega HK500 Coupé went for £20-£30k and a white Jaguar E-type Series 1 3.8 Competition Coupé for £50-£70k.

Sounds admitedly pricey, but it is possible to bag a bargain for a lot less. £200 is enough to buy a vehicle – though it will probably need a bit of TLC – that would qualify as a modern classic. A late '80s Rover 800 Vitesse for example.

With a budget of £10,000 you've got a host of reliable, well-made classics to choose from. Go for something built and sold in reasonably large quantities. An early 2000s Audi TT Coupé or Roadster will sell for £6,000. Or even, for a few thousand more, a Porsche Boxster from around the same time.

Plenty of classics of good price, quality and reputation will be for sale at the Silverstones Auction on July 23. And with the sale coinciding with the Silverstone Classic race weekend, all you old car lovers have no excuse but to dust off the cheque book (metaphorically speaking – cheques probably won't be accepted) and get on down there.

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