Bahrained off?

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that next month’s F1 race in Bahrain will happen, as reports suggest anti-government protesters will use the occasion to get their cause heard worldwide.

Race bosses are due to make a decision on the race later today. ‘The race has been the prince's dream since he was a child,’ said Hasan Dhani, a 23-year-old protester on planetf1.com. ‘He wants to negotiate so he can fulfill this dream, and it makes me sad that his dream is more dear to him than the needs of his people.’

The turmoil in the country has led to several deaths and hundreds injured over the last week. ‘There is a big connection between (the uprising) and Formula 1,’ the protester added, and suggested that it would be an insult for vicims of the protests should the F1 race be held.

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