Bargain cars - a great deal awaits for the intrepid buyer!

Bargain cars are the equivalent of the Holy Grail to the recession conscious buyer. As sales of new car sales have decreased dramatically, the garages are all in competition bargain cars are more prevalent than ever before as garages compete to provide the most attractive packages around.

The cars come with more extras and extended warranties than ever before. Even a years road tax is being included with some models from main dealers. The expression "buyer beware" can be applicable when looking around for your new car. If a car seems to be infeasibly cheap then perhaps it is just being "sold as seen" which means no guarantee and no comeback if anything goes wrong.

All that glitters is definitely not gold when it comes to the used car industry and while garages are looking to clear out their used cars, there are unscrupulous individuals that are looking to rid themselves of troublesome vehicles.

The words "quick sale needed" and "genuine reason for sale" may need to be investigated a bit further. All that being said, this is a time of recession and most consumer products are being sold for a lot less than they were a few years ago so it's not impossible that your dream car is sitting on a forecourt somewhere with a "bargain of the week" sign proudly displayed.

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