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Bargain pages cars sale are full of what appears to be fantastic value. Websites like Donedeal and Buyandsell offer private sellers the chance to advertise for a very small cost.

In fact to advertise on Donedeal only costs a couple of pounds a month so it's no wonder that everyone is trying it out. These sites are open to anyone and therefore can be abused. Unscrupulous sellers use these sites to try and pass on cars that are damaged.

There are safeguards in place for the private sale of cars but the best way is to protect yourself and get the car checked out before you buy it. Even if you don't know a mechanic yourself you can hire the services of those that specialise in doing pre purchase reports for prospective buyers. This will set you back upwards of £80, well worth it if it means avoiding buying a troublesome vehicle, and sites like Carzone have links to the mechanics that offer this service.

For real peace of mind you might be better off looking for a car with a warranty and that means buying from a garage. People get put off by the price comparisons between garages and private sellers but the likelihood is that private sellers will prove difficult to deal with should issues arise after the sale.

Price comparison websites like Carcraft and Autoweb display available cars based on information that you put into the search fields. They display cars within your price range and model specification and are a good starting point when you're considering all your options.

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