Bargain pages for vans - Where do you start?

There has never been so many bargain pages for vans and cars available to you the buyer.

The internet has numerous websites dedicated to selling cars and vans at reasonable prices.We found Autotrader to have pages of bargains in both vans and cars making the site a great place to find the van for you.

If the internet doesn't find you what your looking for there are still great publications for sale in your local newsagents. Autotrader comes out on top here also with "what car" and "car trader" its main competition.

When buying from a private seller from the bargain pages it's always recommended that a mechanic accompany you to view the vehicle.This is to make sure the van or car has been properly maintained and has no underlying issues.

If you don't know a mechanic personally then you can pay one who specialises in checking over used vans for potential buyers.

This service may cost up to £70 but the piece of mind you get knowing the vehicle is in good condition under the bonnet is priceless.

When buying off bargain pages you may want to consider running a check on the vans history to make sure the vehicle is not on finance. (This is hugely important as if a vehicle is sold before the finance on it is cleared then it still belongs to the finance company and can be repossessed irrespective of any private sale).

So now you understand the risks when buying off bargain pages for vans your decision can be made with confidence.

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