Batmobile crashes

The start of the Batman Live tour was in danger of being delayed after the specially designed Batmobile desinged by Gordon Murray crashed during rehearsals.

Onlookers said the F1 designer's car was being manoeuvred on stage when the accident happened. The car, which resembles more an Formula 1 vehicle than what you'd expect judging by the most recent Batman films, spun into the part of the Gotham City set and was damaged.

Luckily, they had a spare car, which they managed to haul on stage so that the show could go on.

'We hope that won't ever happen again,' said Batman Live set designer Es Devlin to BBC News. 'Luckily we had two [cars]. It wasn't good. You couldn't have put it on stage.'

He added: 'It literally came out, swizzled around and crashed into the Bank of Gotham. The Bank of Gotham took a bit of a hit but we patched it up and I don't think anyone would notice.'

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