Battery blues

Electric car owners have woken up this morning to the shock revelation that replacement batteries could cost double past estimates.

The Times reports that a replacement battery for the leading EV on the market, the Nissan Leaf, may cost owners up to £19,000.

With only 680 electric cars bought this year so far, the news will surely further erode consumer enthusiasm for electric vehicles and undermine government efforts to subsides the cost of switching from fossil fuel to electric motoring.

Nissan has admitted that the £26,000 Leaf may require a new battery after a few years, depending on how it is maintained. Apparently, the battery life can erode quickly if owners use fast-charge points too frequently.

Nissan GB senior vice-president Andy Palmer told The Times that the Leaf's lithium ion battery is comprised of 48 modules with each one costing £404 to replace. This would make the total cost of a new battery pack in the region of £19,392.

In further evidence of major stumbling blocks facing the electric vehicle industry, the new estimated price would probably get you a half decent brand new vehicle.

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