Battle of the sexes

Unless your mother is a raging alcoholic this story will come as no surprise to you. When over 1,000 kids aged 5-16yrs old were asked who they felt safer in the car with, their mum or their dad driving, you can guess who 60% of them preferred. Clue, it wasn’t dad.

The kids said they felt happier and more relaxed when their mum was driving because she was more likely to talk to keep them entertained, sing, drive at a reasonable speed, be considerate towards other motorists and is generally much calmer. Whilst when dad took to the roads he would drive too fast, shout at other drivers, dodge in and out of the traffic, be too aggressive and have more accidents.

David Williams from The GEM Motoring Assist who conducted the poll said; ‘Unfortunately, many children seem to dread getting in the car with dad because his mood is unpredictable and they never know when he is going to get an attack of road rage.’

Adding; ‘Dads seem more intent on getting from A to B as quickly as possible, whereas mums will take things slower and spend her time singing or chatting to the kids rather than getting annoyed with other drivers.'

It seems boys aren’t the only mummy’s boys then.

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